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What is Corporate Identity?


What is Corporate Identity?

Many think corporate identity is a logo, and while a logo is a big part of who your company is, it isn’t everything you should consider. Relying on your logo would be like trying to build a relationship with your driver’s license. Companies with successful corporate identities are able to rely on their logo to speak for them, because customers have a relationship with them already.

Your logo is the face of your company. It sets the first impression of what everyone will expect of you. We want our face to be well groomed and inviting so people will be interested in what we have to say. But your logo means less than the relationship you build with your customers. My mission is to use your logo as your first impression, then to give customers the opportunity to build a relationship with you by leading them to your door through marketing.

Building a Corporate Identity establishes your fonts, color, and logo. Then it states specifically how those items are to be used to identify your company. Doing this well and doing it consistently leads down the path to familiarity through repetition. Which is what we will develop in conjunction with your marketing plan.

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