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About Devron


About Devron

Hello, I am Devron Sternke. I am the designer, printer, and marketer you will be working with. I have spent most of my life teaching others to create identities for companies. Now I’m excited to use the knowledge I have gained to create your identity and teach you how to use it effectively.

I have worked in the graphic arts field since 1993. I had always been an artist. Designing and creating art always had a remarkable feeling. When I started working as a janitor in a print shop in Palmyra, MO, I fell in love with the printing process. Being able to take my art and replicate it hundreds of thousands of times. Conveying information with words and images, it was very exciting.

Some people have ink on their skin.
I have ink in my blood.

From there I started to learn how to run the machines. The owner of the shop had me running presses, doing design work, and page layout within a year. I continued my printing and graphics education in vocational school and then college at the University of Central Missouri.

Since then I have worked at Hallmark Cards, The Quincy Herald Whig, Macon Area Vocational School, Blessing Health System, and am currently at John Wood Community College. At John Wood I am teaching students to be the Graphic Artists of the next generation. I instruct them on everything from basic software and design skills to advance augmented reality design. My goal is to students out prepared to design, market, and print for customers in the surrounding area.

I look forward to working with you on promoting your passion. Get in touch soon.

Devron Sternke

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